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Wallee Mc Donnell

I had the pleasure of meeting Errol in 2015 on a business training course in South London. At the end of the course Errol gave a one minute pitch about his business idea, he entertained us all in that minute as well as successfully getting his business idea across. He was also interested in exploring ideas about peace as was I so we had a connection around this as well our business plans.

Next time we met was in a prison 2017 in South East London, he was an inmate, I was helping facilitate a peace education class. Typical of Errol he wanted to better himself while in prison and signed up the course at same time began writing poems while inside. Once he got out we hooked up and I've been to many of his performances and he's taken part in many Celebrate Life events, project I'm involved with. His talent is with poetry and his ability to string ideas and words together to form poems, convey stories, funny or sad but always real. I see him getting stronger all the time as a person, using his voice, his words, at times he could even be a comedian. Now he stands tall with a a lot to share going forward with his life.

Celebrate Life

 Michael Morris 

Errol sculpts with words. He's an alchemist who makes language shine, lit up with the power of truth.
Often personal, always universal, Errol speaks volumes with a breathless beating heart.
He's everyone's favourite uncle - warm, witty and wise.

Michael Morris

         Jos Brient

I was introduced to Uncle Errol February 2017 when he appeared at my spoken word event known as Gida Live at Azawala Gallery in Brixton as an Open Mic performer.
By June of that year Uncle Errol had taken the role of MC as we grew into a monthly intimate event which attracted a regular audience and some top drawer performers.
I recall spending one Sunday morning just watching his You Tube clips and giving appreciation and admiration for the mastery of his craft. 'Stephen Lawrence' is so powerful.
On the Spoken Word circuit it is known that Errol has a past that exposes his troubles and consiquently has paid his price.
Nowadays he's all about Peace,Love and light and is in a much better place both mentally and emotionally. He's now winning honours and his debut performance in the film 'Here For Life' is memorable.
If you havent yet seen Uncle Errol perform I'm pleased to announce we will be reviving Gida Live in March 2020 so watch out for dates he's worth the wait.


Jos Brient, 

Azawala Gallery


Foufou Savitzky

       I was Errol's manager when I was head of department for LLU+ at London South Bank University. Errol was initially employed as an assistant family learning tutor and following his successful completion of training was employed as a family learning tutor. I first met Errol when he joined a family learning class at his children's nursery in 1999. He was subsequently employed by me from 2000 to work in family learning. In that work Errol had to deliver family learning courses to mixed groups of adults. As part of this work he inevitably also had to deal with children. Errol is a charismatic communicator which an endless amount of energy which he makes very effective use of in delivering workshops. He has a great deal of knowledge spanning a wealth of diverse areas and is constantly updating himself on recent developments and research. Errol was employed by me until 2007.

Foufou Savitzky

Family Learning Tutor
Learning Unlimited

Katy Haigh

"I met Errol four years ago - he was performing an inspirational spoken-word piece with a gamelan orchestra in HMP Thameside, as part of one of our Good Vibrations projects. I soon learned that Errol had made it his business to get involved with as much as possible at Thameside - the spiritual, the practical, the creative - to focus his mind and prep himself for leaving prison, determined to carve out a successful career, that was both interesting and meaningful. Since then. Errol has volunteered his time as a pro bono advisor, helping our charity to shape its progression support programme for prison-leavers. He has joined us, performing in further residencies and events, e.g. at The University of York and the Clinks AGM. Errol is charismatic, energetic, and committed to personal development and helping others who are in challenging circumstances."

Katy Haigh
Executive Director
Good Vibrations


Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy Goldstein,

Founder and Director, Truth to Power Cafe / London Artists Projects.


South London
United Kingdom


0044 (0) 7848963715

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